Limited Partnerships

About Our Funds

Solar Flow-Through’s Limited Partnerships, whose principal business is either generating energy using Class 43.1 or 43.2 properties, or developing projects for such a principal business, are allowed to raise investment capital by issuing flow-through shares. In general terms, a corporation that issues flow-through shares will be entitled to “renounce” or “flow-through” qualifying expenses to the holders of such shares, with the result that those shareholders will be entitled to deduct the expenses as if they had incurred them themselves.

Since 2012, our funds have invested in qualified FIT projects under Ontario’s Independent Energy System Operator (IESO). These projects are now operational and generating energy and revenue.

In addition to managing generating projects, Solar Flow-Through is pursuing solar and other renewable energy projects outside the FIT program including examining opportunities in new jurisdictions and projects. For information on our completed projects, please see our Current Projects page.

Following is a summary of the status of Solar Flow-Through’s FIT projects:

Status# of ProjectsTotal Size of Projects in Megawatts DC