About Us


An Innovative Investment Vehicle for the Renewables Sector
The management of Solar Flow-Through Funds has developed an innovative investment vehicle for Canadian Accredited Investors. Based on the Flow-Through concept for mineral exploration, the Solar Flow-Through Limited Partnerships provide income tax deduction benefits similar to those of mineral exploration. We use these funds to invest in solar power projects that have been qualified under the Ontario’s Independent Energy System Operator (IESO) Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program.

Funding & Assistance for Solar Developers
We also work with qualified solar project developers to provide funding and joint venture or equity opportunities, plus expertise, contacts and guidance at all levels of the government process. If you are a solar developer seeking funding, projects or assistance with Ontario’s FIT program application process, contact us and we can help you move ahead.

Funding Structure
Solar Flow Through Limited Partners’ investments provide approximately 20% of the capital costs of each project we fund. These expenses are expected to qualify as Canadian Renewable Conservation Expenses (CRCE). The common shares of the Subsidiary Companies purchased by the Partnership are expected to constitute “flow-through shares” for the purposes of the Tax Act. The 80% balance of construction costs would be funded through debt provided by banks, other institutions and/or project developers. The diagram below helps illustrate our funding structure: