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Matt Wayrynen

Mr. Wayrynen has led Solar Flow-Through since its inception in 2012. He has been instrumental in raising more than $150 million to build the company and navigate the regulatory, financial and managerial hurdles to bring Solar Flow-Through to its current industry position. In addition to his green energy experience, his background includes resource company management, venture capital, startup financing, and mergers and acquisitions. He is an original co-founder and former President and CEO of TrichoScience Innovations Inc., which became Replicel Life Sciences Inc. As a director of Quinto Mining, he helped raise millions of dollars and advanced a Quebec iron ore property to a viable project. Quinto sold to Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines in June 2008 for a share value equal to $175 million. Mr. Wayrynen has also been involved in the evaluation of investment opportunities in solar projects in Italy. Currently, he is also a director of several publicly-listed resource companies.